Max Igan’s “Surviving the Matrix” videos now available on – mind-blowing philosophy

If you’ve never seen the videos of Max Igan, you’re in for a real treat. Igan is a “big picture” thinker and philosopher with a vast array of knowledge on how globalists are enslaving humanity through 5G cell networks, cancer-causing food chemicals, media indoctrination campaigns, false history and much more.

His website is, and he broadcasts through radio network. Many of his videos have been uploaded to under the Yardley Pearson channel.

Watch some of his amazing videos here, and be sure to visit for 20,000+ other videos on topics ranging from economics and history to natural health and cancer cures.

Max Igan: Everything is a Lie

Max Igan: The Purging of Reason

Max Igan: Reality is Not What You Think

See more mind-blowing videos at Create your own video channel for free at this link.




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