YouTube is “run by people who HATE GOD” warns Verity Baptist Church after being de-platformed for preaching the Bible

A group that calls itself “The New IFB,” short for “The New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement,” recently had its entire channel removed from YouTube simply for preaching the Word of God, according to Benjamin Knight, one of the men involved with the movement.

In a recent video posted to, Knight explains how The New IFB had a fairly successful channel going at YouTube before the tech giant proceeded to remove it. Knight claims that none of the channel’s videos had been flagged, and that YouTube simply removed it because it hates Christianity.

“YouTube is run by people who hate the Bible, who hate free speech, and people who hate God,” Knight proclaims in his video.

“Verity Baptist Church, out of the blue, had its main YouTube channel deleted. It didn’t even have a single strike on it. Apparently, the offending video is a video they did debunking Calvinism. It wasn’t even controversial whatsoever, and with the click of a mouse, some chicken-necked coward in Silicon Valley deletes the entire channel with thousands of subscribers.”

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Is YouTube opposed to preaching that identifies sin and calls people to repentance?

Verity Baptist Church is just one of many networked churches that identify with the New IFB movement, which is apparently trying to reinvigorate independent fundamentalism for the next generation. And according to Knight, YouTube has an active agenda against this movement.

“Why? Because the devil is trying to fight back against a New IFB movement that has gotten thousands of people saved, and is releasing sermons, preaching hard against sin, and worldliness, and false doctrine, and getting people right with God,” Knight says.

“They hate that, so they’re fighting back through censorship to try to shut us all down.”

Knight reveals that another congregation, known as Steadfast Baptist Church, recently had one of its videos removed from YouTube as well.. This offending video apparently contained language calling out “whores” for their sexual proclivities, which YouTube determined to be offensive.

“You can’t even preach against whores anymore in today’s snowflake sissy society without getting censored on YouTube,” Knight says. “It’s ridiculous. And it shows that these cowards, these disgusting pieces of garbage working in San’fag’cisco will do everything to shut us up.”

The internet is becoming increasingly hostile to Christian content

Knight says that each of these networked churches is creating backup channels to try to outsmart the censors, and that this will continue until “it becomes physically impossible for us to do so.” But he also aggressively warns that there may come a day when all New IFB content is completely removed from the internet forever.

“We’re heading very rapidly, I think, to the end times,” Knight says, as he encourages his viewers to join his New IFB movement.

“I think that the day will come sooner than you might believe at this stage in the game where it’s illegal to even go soul-winning. The Bible says that the antichrist will think to change times and laws. It will start with censorship from these so-called private entities – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – which are not private entities, they’re obviously public utilities.”

Knight has a point, seeing as how federal dollars went into starting up these companies, which are now going to war with free speech. It’s only a matter of time before they go full-scale assault against the First Amendment entirely, prohibiting what people say, do, and even think as they go about their lives in common society.

“It’s going to start with that,” says Knight, “and then it’s going to lead to the complete dissolution of the First Amendment.”

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