George Soros should be arrested for sedition and put on trial

( If the incoming Trump administration is serious about restoring the rule of law and confidence in American justice, it should consider arresting Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros and putting him on trial for subverting our political and judicial systems.

For years Soros has funded nearly every Left-wing “social justice” and political movement with the aim of destroying the founding principles of America – while at the same time profiting wildly from its capitalist system. He has backed groups whose members and supporters have sacked cities, destroyed the social fabric of entire communities and now, we learn, he’s trying to subvert our constitutional system by interfering in the Electoral College process.

Enough, already. This man is a threat to our democratic republic and he should be treated as such.

What Soros is doing goes far beyond “political activity.” We have no issue with someone who wishes to fund legitimate political discourse. But when discourse turns into blatant attempts to subvert our constitutional system, that is a threat we don’t have to abide and shouldn’t.

Here’s what we’re talking about. As reported regarding the ongoing protests over President-elect Trump’s election victory:

Are these eventually going to just peter out like all of the other Left-wing anger-fests?

Probably not. That’s because these protests and demonstrations are being fed and financed by puppet master Leftist George Soros, who – for some baffling reason – has long sought to destroy the very country that made him his fortune, replacing it with something that resembles every single failed socialist/communist state ever…

And this is just a taste of what Soros is funding. But writ large, it’s obvious he and his supporters are attempting to overthrow our constitutional order and replace it with the kind of communist tyranny he grew up with in his native land.

We say hell no.

It’s bad enough that we live in a country where corporations are treated as people in the eyes of the judicial system and a few wealthy elites are allowed to funnel gigantic sums of money into the system, to buy candidates and influence political issues in their favor, the country be damned. But we should not tolerate outright subversion of our system through the financing of thuggish ‘movements’ whose goal is nothing short of changing our political system into something it was never meant to be.

We’ll state this as plainly as we can: George Soros should be arrested and charged with sedition. Let a court and a jury – after hearing about all of his shady connections and financing of ‘revolutionary’ groups and causes – decide whether or not he should remain free to do even more damage to our country.


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