Note to Evan McMullin: Stop sounding like a liberal progressive Democrat

( In an interview with the daily podcast of the Washington Examiner, Evan McMullin, Republican former Capitol Hill aide and CIA operative, said his insurgent independent campaign was not a slap at the GOP presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump, as much as it was at his party.

In his interview, he said the GOP and the conservative movement has gone astray, adding that the party has abandoned core principles and become hostile to non-white voters.

“In the long term, we’re building a new conservative movement we think is badly needed in this country,” McMullin said. “The party needs to be more welcoming to people that don’t look like me, people of different races and religions.”

“I do think that there is a problem with bigotry within the voting base of the Republican Party. Now, I want to be very clear to say that that’s not uniform across the Republican Party,” McMullin added. “But the truth is, it’s, a hard thing to talk about and it’s a touchy issue and offends a lot of people, and so we’re careful, but there is a problem with bigotry and misogyny within the Republican Party.”

Just. Wow.

The problem with the Republican Party and its establishment operatives is that they truly do not know that the party’s base is not comprised of knuckle-dragging, white dimwits who never finished high school, drink beer every night and put on white sheets before they burn crosses on the weekend. The problem is they also don’t realize they keep insulting and belittling their base using the same words and language liberal, left-wing progressives use. In other words, they sound just like Democrats.

When was the last time you heard a Democrat accuse the party’s base of being bigoted, racist, homophobic or uneducated (though many rank-and-file Democrats certainly are one or all of these)?

The fact is the narrative that McMullin is pushing about GOP voters was created out of whole cloth by the Democratic Party – the same one that hires thugs and losers to disrupt Trump rallies, the same one that colludes with the establishment media on anti-Republican stories, the same one that has enabled the Clinton Foundation to become uber-wealthy by selling pay-for-play access, and the same one that has shielded the most constitutionally corrupt president – Barack Obama – in the history of the country.

A look back at the crowded Republican presidential candidate field tells any reasonable observer all he or she needs to know about the party in relation to the garbage being spewed by GOP and conservative pretenders: Of the party’s 17 candidates, one was a billionaire; one was a successful woman; one was a successful African-American physician; two were of Hispanic descent; and one had a Hispanic spouse. A number of candidates – Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. (Sen.) Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee – have not spent their entire lives in politics. Many were relatively young. That’s about as diverse and “big tent” as it gets. Many were relatively young

The Democratic Party, by comparison, cannot come close to making a similar claim. Of the three Democratic candidates, all were older white people, with the one “diverse” woman the most criminally investigated and flawed candidate of all time. Plus, she’s been in this political game since before she graduated law school (a period of time also mired in controversy).

The bottom line is this: To Evan McMullin and the rest of the #nevertrump GOP establishment crowd who would rather see a second disastrous Clinton presidency, criticize The Donald and your party all you want. But stop sounding like left-wing liberals when you do.


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