Today’s political left is the modern incarnation of Hitler’s Brown Shirts

( Supporters of GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump have been labeled all kinds of things – racists, bigots, homophobes, and, per his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, “deplorables” (for those same reasons). By far, judging by the throngs of Trump supporters who turn out for his campaign events, these characterizations are typical Democratic mudslinging; the party can’t understand why there is a massive faction of American society that doesn’t share in their “government knows best” authoritarianism.

Another charge often levied at Trump’s backers is that they are violent, and most often towards minorities. These charges are also largely untrue, they mask the real violence being demonstrated in this election season – that committed by Clinton supporters.

A recent video surfaced that lays bare the naked truth of this claim: Many of today’s typical Democratic Party supporters more resemble the dreaded Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany, a band of truly racist, semi-official thugs who enforced National Socialist Party (as the Nazi Party was officially known) dogma, even to the point of beating and killing ordinary Germans who did not agree with Hitler’s fanaticism. Their job as Hitler’s storm troopers was to disrupt political opposition, shout them down and, if necessary, lay hands on them.

Watch this video below and see if what these Democratic supporters of Clinton are doing to a lone Trump supporter don’t match what the Brown Shirts did in the 1920s and 1930s:

This is far from the only example of Democratic violence against Trump supporters. Here’s another. You may also remember this attack on a defenseless female Trump supporter. If you want to save time, here’s a compilation of attacks, violence and, well, Brown Shirt tactics.

American politics in the past decade has deteriorated into a uncivil, illogical cesspool of violence and hate. Just a few years after the 9/11 attacks appeared to unite the country behind a common cause, the Obama presidency – which was largely premised on stirring up racial tensions – prefaced what is taking place today.

The modern Democratic Party and its ultra-left-wing, sycophantic, cult-like supporters in academia, the media, the federal bureaucracy, the entertainment industry and all of our institutions are responsible for this unrest. They hate American culture, they hate all we’ve accomplished as a country, they hate our prosperity (unless it benefits them) and most of all they have a hatred of ordered liberty – at least the kind our founders established.

So they resort to violence and intimidation and threats to shout down and silence the opposition. To them, the ends justify the means. To the modern leftist in America, nothing is out of bounds of off-limits because they operate from the premise that they are right and everyone else is wrong. Period. End of discussion.

We can’t exist for long as a viable country with that kind of political dynamic in place. Healthy, vibrant republics like ours require that all sides have a voice, that all sides are heard, that all opinions have value – even (or rather especially) those we don’t agree with. It’s more than just a constitutional right, this freedom of speech and expression, it’s an inalienable right our founders understood that all human beings were naturally entitled to. And they also understood that without recognizing, and then guaranteeing, such rights, tyranny would overwhelm.

It’s getting to that point. The Democratic Party, for all its claims of “fairness,” “equality” and “tolerance” is perfectly willing to be unfair, deny equal time and rights and be intolerant of political opponents. Witness the growing body of evidence its followers are more like Brown Shirts of yesteryear than defenders of freedom for all.


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