Doubling down on failure: Why do we keep returning the same people to power?

( There is no question that Republicans are far from blameless for the mess that is Washington, D.C. Partisanship is a one-way street and the GOP has not always been helpful when it comes to getting the nation’s business done. “Establishment” types are corrupted by donors and loyal to them, not their constituents. There is no denying that.

Democrats, meanwhile, have to accept their share of blame as well for legislative inertia in the nation’s capital because, again, partisanship is a one-way street and Democrats are equally good at it. “Establishment” types are corrupted by donors and loyal to them, not their constituents. There is no denying that, either.

That aside, Democrats are also masters of political chicanery, for there is no other way to explain why the party has managed to convince a majority of voters in most major cities for years and years that it, and not the Republican Party, is the only one capable of delivering on America’s promise.

Consider: Democrats have owned major cities for decades, and yet the problems and issues associated with those cities have never been dealt with.

Parts of Chicago are a war zone where more people (of color) die in a weekend than in Iraq or Afghanistan. Detroit is an economic basket case. Baltimore is a city divided (along racial lines). St. Louis is deteriorating. San Francisco is the homeless capital of the country.

In addition the issues that we as a nation have entrusted Democrats to “fix” are still with us decades later.

Democrats are supposed to be the party of compassion, but how “compassionate” is it to hook entire generations of Americans on government assistance programs, sapping their motivation to be productive members of society while entrapping them in an endless cycle of poverty?

Speaking of being poor, Democrats have had us waging the “war on poverty” for more than 50 years but poverty rates are just as high today as they’ve always been, despite spending trillions on “benefits” programs. But in every major city in the country there is that “poor section of town” – run down, dilapidated, devoid of businesses and job opportunities and filled with (mostly) people of color who have been taught to blame conservatives and rely on Democrats (who have abandoned them and whose policies have actually hurt them).

Race relations? Since President Obama took office, tensions are at 1960s-levels again, and that is not due to “racists in the Republican Party.” Rather this renewed angst has been caused primarily by race-baiting Democratic politicians (our president included) who use it as a wedge issue to get votes.

What about education? Democrats have us spend more and more each year on “education” but we as a nation are not getting our money’s worth. Our test scores remain average, at best, in comparison to other industrialized nations, and what’s more, our kids are being indoctrinated by Left-wing change artists posing as educators who have replaced civics and constitutional studies with socialist ideology and theory.

That explains why many kids today can’t read or write past an 8th-grade level but are well-versed in why they should make $15 an hour for flipping hamburgers. It seems Democrats want good little drones who will comply on demand, not freedom-minded individualists who can think critically for themselves and who will support and defend the finest governing document ever devised.

As for the GOP, it has its hands in failure as well. The only president who spent more money and added more to the deficit than Barack Obama was George W. Bush, and you’ll notice that throughout the majority of both presidents’ tenure the Legislative Branch was dominated by the Republican Party.

Conservatives are quick to point out the hypocrisy of the Left – and there is plenty to point out – but are tone deaf when it comes to their own hypocrisies and biases. You can’t be quick to say you support gays and lesbians while at the same time trying to defend Christian bakers for refusing to serve a gay couple. Granted, this is a constitutional question that needs to be answered once and for all by the Supreme Court (when is it legitimate First Amendment religious freedom or outright discrimination) but in the meantime a state’s discrimination laws ought to be followed, same as federal statutes, when it comes to equality.

As for education, simply cutting funds solves nothing, though that is a Republican talking point. If programs and and federal regulations and requirements those funds go to pay for remain, all you do by cutting off money is force schools into the red (as many are already). If Republicans were serious about education “reform,” then they should focus on getting rid of onerous federal rules about decisions that should be made on the local level (like, say, who ‘qualifies’ to use boys’ and girls’ locker rooms), by locally elected school boards (which might also, by the way, lead to more choice in curriculum).

And as far as race relations go, when was the last time a Republican candidate for office actually took the time to reach out to minority communities (other than Sen. Rand Paul during his failed bid for president this election cycle)? Sure, such candidates might not get invited to minority-led events, but since we’re all Americans, aren’t you at least required to try to reach out if you’re serious about representing all voters in your district?

There are more examples, but hopefully you get the point. These problems are the big, fat white elephant in the room of politics and yet few voters seem coherent enough to see it, as evidenced by their habit of returning the same politicians with the same tired, failed ideas to office. It’s why these problems never ever go away.

What’s the solution?

The answer is to elect liberty-minded individuals who understand that a free people unbound by the oppressive yoke of government are who we need to lead us out of this cycle of failure. There are practical applications for government, of course and a truly informed and educated populace can, through their representatives, agree on what is appropriate.

However, this business of doubling down on failure, year after year, while expecting a different result, is the textbook definition of insanity. It is also the road to our demise.

In this election cycle we have another opportunity to change course – while we still can. We should take advantage of it and retire as many careerist politicians as possible. Their policies are failures, their ideology is morally bankrupt, and they are bereft of ideas.

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