We’re losing our country and all our leaders and presidential nominees want to do is snipe at each other

(Freedom.news) There is a reason why unconventional, “outsider” candidates for president drew huge interest and massive crowds at campaign events this year and, in one case, propelled an outsider to capture a major party’s nomination: The American people, by and large, are sick and tired of the ruling class and have had enough of their abuses and neglect.

But judging by the incoherent noise coming out of the Washington political and media establishment, it is obvious that, even at this late game, few inside the Beltway understand, appreciate or even acknowledge this growing angst.

As our status around the world deteriorates; as major world powers begin to view us as unreliable and, perhaps in some cases even vulnerable; as our historic allies begin to look to themselves and others for allegiance; as our economy tumbles into third-world status; as our military struggles to keep planes in the air and warships at sea; as our people feud openly on our streets; as our public schools lapse into propaganda mills – all our elected leaders seem capable of doing is criticizing a guy over something he feels strongly about.

Donald J. Trump may not be the most stereotypical presidential contender America has ever had, but what he says or what he tweets on a daily basis should not be the theater it has become. And yet, that seems to be all Republican leaders want to do is focus in on the next utterance, the next tweet, the next press appearance. They act as if there is nothing better to do in Congress than to try to exploit Trump in some manner that they believe will benefit them politically.

Meanwhile, the most lawless, constitutionally questionable president in the history of the country continues to dole out illegal executive orders as the bureaucracy he controls regurgitates massive regulation after massive regulation, the sum of which are destroying American businesses, industries, opportunities and jobs, even as they micromanage nearly every breath citizens take.

At the same time, on the other side of the political aisle, a woman who long ago sold her soul to the highest (foreign) bidder; who can’t wait to take over the reigns of power so she can exact her revenge on a nation that shunned her eight long years ago; who is distrusted by three-quarters of the population, and for good reason – she cannot be trusted; who works continuously to hide her actions and behavior from the American people she is supposed to serve, largely gets a pass from an “opposition party” that would rather carp at their own nominee than single out the president’s and Clinton’s law-breaking and incompetence.

As for Trump, he himself shares some of the blame for the circus. He might well believe that a federal judge of Mexican descent who has ties to the National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic-centric racist organization, may have an axe to grind with him over campaign pledges he has made regarding illegal immigration. But to make an issue of it before the man has even had a chance to rule on a lawsuit involving Trump University isn’t just stupid, it’s wholly inappropriate and very un-presidential. We can’t a future chief executive singling critics out by their race or ethnicity from the Oval Office, so for Pete’s sake, Mr. Trump, knock it off.

Note to our leaders: America is on the brink, and you doing nothing but focusing on precisely the wrong things is only making our problems worse. Sometimes, acts of omission – in this case, being AWOL from the job of governing – is as bad as any act of commission.

There are mounting international issues that will have to be dealt with. Domestically, we’re broke, divided, over-governed and running out of opportunities to pursue the American dream. But no one’s talking about solutions.

Broad generalities – “Make America Great Again” – won’t cut it, either. Neither will strict party line votes in Congress and other efforts that are not aimed at solving problems but at solidifying power. Note to the self-anointed geniuses in Washington: All that power won’t mean a thing if the country descends into chaos or is defeated militarily at some point because we can no longer afford to defend ourselves.

Real actions, like inaction, have consequences, and we are seeing the result of decades of mismanagement, bad government, and lousy leadership. Doubling down on a foolhardy, ineffective policy isn’t “reform,” it’s just dumb.

Americans want and need statesmen and stateswomen, not pathetic, pandering nincompoops more concerned with lining pockets, the next election, and who they can insult next.

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