Irrefutable facts about ‘climate change’ that the mainstream media refuse to discuss

( Left-wing ideologues in politics and the media love to discuss “man-caused climate change” as though it were “settled science” and no further discussion or debate is necessary. As such, it’s high time we moved on to the adoption of policies and regulations aimed at curbing this climate change, even if it means those new rules will cost consumers hundreds of billions of dollars per year and negatively impact entire eco50nomies.

Only, climate change/global warming isn’t a settled scientific fact. Indeed, there is nothing “settled” about it because frankly, there isn’t anyone on the planet who even has the kind of informed intellect necessary to serve as a predictive resource of nature. It’s just too complex.

What’s worse, an alarming number of Americans aren’t even aware that the most basic “facts” they think they know are true regarding climate change aren’t true – not even close. But they don’t know that because the mainstream media, which is filled with liberal editors and reporters, won’t give their readers accurate information, as The Daily Signal reported last week.

Consider these climate change “facts” that are simply untrue:

— The ’97 percent’ myth: You may have often heard climate change hoaxers claim that “97 percent of scientists agree” that global warming/climate change is occurring because of Man-caused activity. It isn’t true; in fact, in testimony before the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, the 97-percent estimate “just crumbles when you touch it.”

In reality, this figure comes from a discredited study that tried to categorize scholarly articles on climate change by positions academics took on the issue. However, most of the papers examined didn’t take a position at all on climate change, but the Leftist national media continues to tout this illicit and demonstrably false statistic.

­— Changing the language: One of the Left’s favorite tactics is to tell the rest of us how to speak, what language is permissible and what words mean, and this is no different when it comes to the climate change debate. In fact, for decades the term of choice was “global warming” until it became well known and well documented that the Earth was not warming. So the phraseology was changed from global warming to something almost no one can argue – “climate change” – because, after all, the climate on Earth is always changing, right?

And speaking of language, The Associated Press changed its Stylebook from “climate change skeptics” to “climate change doubters,” because the latter term makes such people look loonier. Personally, we think the phrase ought to be “climate change realists.”

— When the data don’t add up, change it: In fact, as the AP reports, Carl Mears, the scientist who runs the satellite-fed Remote Sensing System, just did that:

The Remote Sensing System temperature data, promoted by many who reject mainstream climate science and especially most recently by Sen. Ted Cruz, now shows a slight warming of about 0.18 degrees Fahrenheit since 1998. Ground temperature measurements, which many scientists call more accurate, all show warming in the past 18 years.

“There are people that like to claim there was no warming; they really can’t claim that anymore,” said Carl Mears, the scientist who runs the Remote Sensing System temperature data tracking. 

The change resulted from an adjustment Mears made to fix a nagging discrepancy in the data from 15 satellites.

The “nagging discrepancy”? The fact that satellite data was not showing warming, so Mears “adjusted” the parameters to show a 0.18-degree warming since 1998.

This tactic is a tried-and-true modus operandi within the climate science community, as NaturalNews editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, reported in June 2014, citing evidence that government scientific agencies changed their data to “prove” global warming was happening.

— Shutting down debate: It’s settle science, so there is no reason to continue debating it. That’s why some mainstream newspapers, such as the Los Angeles Times, have decided to stop publishing letters to the editor from people who don’t believe the global warming baloney. “That this would happen in a democracy where free speech is enshrined in the Constitution is unbelievable,” The Daily Signal noted, correctly.

— Misusing data: In 2014 the mainstream media hyped NASA’s “finding” that the year was the hottest on record. The national press ignored a footnote in the NASA report that said the space agency was only 38 percent certain its data was accurate, meaning that Americans would have been better off with a coin toss.

That the Earth’s weather patterns and overall climate changes is not really being disputed by many people. After all, we learn in grade school and high school that the Earth’s climate has changed many times over the life of the planet, and will continue to do so.

But the fact is there is no replicable, demonstrable evidence or proof by the scientific community that Earth is warming because of Man’s modern, industrial life. None. And that’s why the Leftist press won’t fully report about this issue, because to do so would prove the “doubter’s” point. is part of the USA Features Media network of sites.




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