Obama’s new gun control measures panned by lovers of freedom

(Freedom.news) As President Obama remains fixated on denying Americans their constitutional right to keep and bear arms, lovers of freedom and liberty all across the country are speaking out against his latest executive gun control push.

“The president is a petulant child,” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a GOP presidential contender, told “Fox News Sunday.” “Whenever he can’t get what he wants — because, quite frankly, the American people have rejected his agenda – now this president wants to act as if he’s a king, as if he’s a dictator.”

Other Republican presidential hopefuls also panned Obama’s planned executive actions, which are likely to include broadening background checks. Carly Fiorina called Obama’s frequent use of executive orders “lawless,” while Jeb Bush described it as dangerous. And a number of candidates said they would reverse Obama’s unilateral action on access to firearms if they are elected.

“I don’t like anything having to do with the Second Amendment,” GOP presidential leader Donald Trump said in reference to rescinding a number of Obama’s executive actions.

“The one thing good about executive orders: The new president, if he comes in — boom, first day, first hour, first minute, you can rescind that,” Trump said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

Obama met earlier this week with his attorney general, Loretta Lynch, who no doubt shares his anti-gun vision, to finalize plans for issuing his executive actions after criticizing Congress for doing “nothing” about gun violence.

In fact, gun violence overall, according to the Washington Post, has been declining for several years, and due to a number of factors (though the liberal Post writer did not mention the fact that one reason is due to the proliferation of concealed carry laws and other pro-Second Amendment legislation in the states). Only in urban pockets – like parts of Chicago, Baltimore and even New York City – has gun violence proliferated (all cities run by Left-wing demagogues, by the way).

None of this matters to Obama, however, as he remains as determined as ever to deny as many Americans as possible their inalienable right to self-defense (which includes defending one’s self against a tyrannical government). Obama and liberals are playing a long game here – that is, the gradual erosion of basic liberties and freedoms, with the intent of transforming America into something more akin to King George’s Britain than the country at its founding.

That said, the situation in Oregon – where armed citizens have taken over a building on a federal preserve – is only going to play into the Marxist push for more gun control, in our view, and at least two GOP presidential contenders agree.



“Every one of us has a constitutional right to protest, to speak our minds. But we don’t have a constitutional right to use force and violence and to threaten force and violence on others,” Sen Ted Cruz of Texas told reporters at a campaign stop in Iowa. “And so it is our hope that the protesters there will stand down peaceably, that there will not be a violent confrontation.”

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida called the action taken by Ammon and Ryan Bundy of Nevada and a group of followers “lawless.”

“You can’t be lawless. We live in a republic,” Rubio told Iowa radio station KBUR. “There are ways to change the laws of this country and the policies. If we get frustrated with it, that’s why we have elections. That’s why we have people we can hold accountable.”

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