Latest Ryan-led budget ‘deal’ adds hundreds of billions in debt for our children to pay

( It hasn’t mattered much which party has been in charge of the Legislative and Executive branches in recent decades, as the policies and lawmaking of both have contributed to a mountain of debt that keeps growing, and that our children and grandchildren will someday be saddled with.

That said, the latest budget deal shepherded through the House by Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is no different: While ensuring funding for everything from the diabolical (full funding of Planned Parenthood despite a series of undercover videos showing the abortion provider’s top officials negotiating the sale of baby body parts for profit); to the outrageous (funding for President Obama’s constitutionally questionable immigration policies that will lead to the loss of more American jobs); to the self-serving (contains a new controversial cyber security bill that has not been able to stand on its own) – at the end of the day the nearly $2 trillion “omnibus” spending package is a giveaway to all at the expense of the taxpayer, today and in the future.

As the Washington Times noted:

Racehorses and NASCAR racetracks, school teachers and college students, green energy companies and the big oil giants all made out well in the deal, reached overnight after weeks of negotiations. The chief loser, meanwhile, is the federal deficit, which grows by hundreds of billions of dollars under the terms of the tax deal.

In the end, one lone voice – Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala. – was the only one capable of summing up voter angst and frustration, saying the measure was a “betrayal” of the trust conservative voters put in GOP leaders by giving them power last year, and adding that Congress should have at least reined in Obama’s Syrian refugee plans.

“There is a reason that GOP voters are in open rebellion,” he said.

The motivating factor for this “betrayal?” An unreasonable fear of a “government shutdown.” Unreasonable, because it shouldn’t exist, at least for majority Republicans who ought to have sent Obama a bill containing their legislative priorities and let him sign it (to avoid a shutdown) or veto it (thereby creating a shutdown). If the GOP leadership believes that Obama’s star power is still such that a majority of Americans would believe him over them, then they haven’t learned much after winning historic legislative and gubernatorial majorities over the past two election cycles.

In the end this irrational fear has only worsened the crushing burden on future generations who will be forced to endure massive government spending cuts and/or tax increases (or, likely, both) and resultant plunges in their standards of living, in order to pay off the accounts of politicians they never heard of or voted for. And all because a few Republican leaders today, who are in the majority, couldn’t muster the courage to stand for what is right and just against a president who is on his way out and who long ago squandered any political capital he retained.

Shame on them and every elected representative – Republican and Democrat – who will vote in favor of this monstrosity.

This budget deal is worse than pathetic. It is criminal.

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