Climate change hoaxer Bill Nye the ‘science guy’ is the latest to ‘warn’ about the ‘apocalyptic’ nature of so-called ‘global warming’

( Desperate to regain control of the narrative after recent polling has shown that the public isn’t buying into the whole “global warming” hoax, pushers of phony science are turning to insults and even threats to silence opposition.

One of them is Bill Nye the “Science Guy,” who in his new book, “Unstoppable,” makes the same tired claims as those who have come before him: Global warming is “real,” humans are causing it and if we don’t change our ways, well, the world will end. Yawn, right?

“As I like to say, you’re a human being no matter what you do. So we have to save the earth for us. Things are going to change; there’s going to be upheaval, but we have to deal with it as best we can. And that means getting to work!” Nye told the Left-leaning Salon web site.

Asked about the seriousness of the issue and what the “latest climate science” really tells us, Nye responded, “Oh, it’s very troubling. My goodness – it’s apocalyptic if you let it get to you. Certainly the worst-case scenarios are terrifying.”

He bases his answer on what all climate change hoaxers do – “climate models” that essentially “prove” the points that he and others like him are making (climate change is real, humans are causing it, yada, yada). Except that none of those models has ever been correct. Ever.

Why do they appear, then, to “prove” that global warming/climate change is occurring? Maybe because those models are based on biased data; if the data that is being utilized for the model is biased, then sure, you’re going to get the outcome you seek. Predetermined, pre-ordained outcomes. That’s not “science.”

As you can see here, global warming cultists like Nye have been making wild claims of our imminent demise for decades – decades – and, of course, none of it has come true. In fact, for a time in the 1970s “global warming” was “global cooling” and Americans were repeatedly told the Earth was set to enter a new Ice Age.

That didn’t happen, either, obviously.

Here’s what has happened, however. Time and again, climate data has been manipulated, changed, or misreported intentionally in order to “prove” that warming is occurring, as Natural News editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, pointed out in June 2014.

So what’s the deal? Why are so many smart people fooled by this nonsense? What is driving their fear and loathing of modernity?

For some like Nye, it’s their religion. They believe because it’s in their political DNA to believe. Their ideology does not comport with America’s capitalism/free market society (do you know many – or any – free-market, capitalist conservatives who believe in global warming?). And the global warming hoax is their way of “opposing” it.

For others, however – guys like President Obama, pretty much every UN member and other Leftist world leaders – global warming is about “control” – controlling you, your money and your individuality all while limiting your freedom to live your life the way you choose. You can’t be trusted with such decisions, you see, because you might choose “wrong” and the elitist nannies running the show just can’t have that.

Notes Mark Landsbaum of the Orange County Register:

Let’s be blunt. Forty years of global warming hysteria never has been about the globe getting warmer, or saving the planet. It’s always been about control and money. Their control. Your money. If you need to be told who “they” are, you haven’t been paying attention.

They are a cabal of intertwined common interests that include government regulators who stand to gain power, financial opportunists who stand to profit and ideologues whose mission is to separate you from your money, and from control over your lives. They are socialists or progressives. They like to be called “environmentalists,” tarring the reputation of an otherwise well-intentioned group.

Pretty much yeah, all of that.

If these Left-wing micromanagers get their way, this is what will happen: Life around the globe will slowly devolve back to the 1800s, poverty for all but the chosen few will skyrocket, and if you think there is chaos in the world now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

And now, with the Paris global climate change conference approaching, get ready for a raft of new apocalyptic “reporting” from the always-compliant mainstream media, which never challenges and seldom exposes the global warming hoaxers for who and what they are – ruthless opportunists.

“Scratch the surface of this international divide-up-the-booty gathering, and you will see that, even if all their schemes, regulations, taxes, penalties and wealth redistributions are enacted, there’s no guarantee the Earth’s temperature will be affected at all,” adds Landsbaum. “That’s a pretty costly gamble.”


In the end, it’s pretty clear that “science” guys like Bill Nye are not going to change their tunes (remember, it’s their religion) no matter the amount of real evidence debunking them (no one likes to be told their “god” doesn’t exist). But thanks to alternative media and independent journalism, the tide is turning against the hoaxers. You can tell by the tenor of their voices and their dismissive impatience with anyone who disagrees.

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