The Left doesn’t understand what’s actually taking place right now within the GOP – a fight for freedom

( In recent da,ys the mainstream media, made up largely of liberal reporters and editors, has been making sport of the Republican Party’s inability to name a successor to retiring House Speaker John Boehner.

This clearly demonstrates two things: one, either reporters and editors on the political left are intentionally mischaracterizing what is going on or they truly don’t understand what is taking place; and two, they are still the same big government sycophants averse to liberty and freedom.

It is true that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, at one point considered the favorite to replace Boehner, took his name out of consideration once he realized that he probably would not have enough votes (218) to be promoted to third in line to the presidency. Mainstream media outlets have taken to portraying this in a number of ways – Republican dysfunction, “radicalism” of the “hard right,” the GOP’s “inability to govern,” etc.

Lost in the conversation on the Left, however, is that McCarthy’s demise came about for the very same reasons that Boehner chose to step down: crumbling support among the rank-and-file.

The Republican Party’s conservative base has had enough of the deal-making, go-along-to-get-along, surrendering of congressional powers to Democrats in general and President Obama specifically, by far the most radical, left-wing ideologue ever to sit in the Oval Office. Though the GOP controls both chambers of Congress, the base is saying – loudly – that you wouldn’t know it based on legislative and executive outcomes.

Instead, conservatives are getting nothing but excuses from the RINO leadership for their inability to advance a conservative agenda, and that includes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who thinks “compromise” is akin to “governing.” This, despite the fact that when Harry Reid held the chamber, not even the Nevada Democrat’s triggering of the so-called “nuclear option” in 2013, eliminating the filibuster rule for most Judicial nominees (which allowed Obama unfettered success in stacking key federal courts with like-minded progressive liberals), has spurred a fire under McConnell (let alone the usurpation of the treaty power by the White House).

Such actions, as well as a litany of others, long ago started a conversation among the party’s conservatives, with many asking an obvious question: Why has the party leadership abandoned the GOP’s core principles, which include strong opposition to any constitutional threat, limited government and the rule of law?

Like their Democratic counterparts, the GOP leadership, for all intents and purposes, has been acquiescing to Obama, on virtually every level, when they should have been throwing up as many legislative roadblocks as possible. Obama has long claimed he has a “mandate from the people”; well, so do conservatives, having been given the largest congressional majority in recent history. So why not govern that way?

These are fair observations to which the old guard GOP leadership has had no good answers, except to say, essentially, “there’s nothing we can do as long as Obama is in the White House.”

That’s bunk, but that’s fodder for another day. In the meantime, liberals in the mainstream media feasting on this supposed “GOP disarray” should be put on notice that they are missing the larger point – there is a revolution taking place within the Republican Party. It isn’t being “hijacked” by “radical right-wingers,” it’s being re-conquered by conservatives for whom the party has long stood. These aren’t “ultra-conservatives,” they are just conservatives without the qualifier (for if not, then there must be “ultra-liberals” too, right?), and they want their party back.

Traditional conservative principles emphasize the maximizing of freedom and individual liberty, a small government footprint, fiscal responsibility, fair taxation and the creation of a free-market economic model that provides equal opportunities for all Americans of all ethnicities at economic levels. Liberals simply do not believe in these principles – and neither does the current crop of GOP leaders or, at least, not enough to truly fight for them, hence the intra-party rebellion.

Conservatives understand that liberals are worshippers of big government and over-regulation, but they are tired of tolerating those attitudes among their own leaders.

This is really why there is “upheaval” within the party right now, and it is an inherently good thing for the Republican Party. In fact, it is exactly the vision Ronald Reagan laid out in 1977 as a means of remaking a brand that has been badly damaged by RINO charlatans of the same kind who opposed Reagan and his policies.

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