EVERY Democrat running for president in 2020 is an admitted enemy of the Second Amendment

If there’s one thing we can count on when it comes to Democrats, it’s that they will always support rules, regulations, and additional legislation restricting our guaranteed right to own guns under the Constitution.

Despite the fact that the Second Amendment’s language is clear — the right “to keep and bear arms” “shall not be infringed” — Democrats have a different take. To them, the language of the amendment is more like a ‘guideline’ or suggestion rather than a hard-and-fast right to be recognized and protected by the government.

Case in point: Not a single Democratic candidate running for their party’s 2020 nomination supports loosening current gun control laws. Every one of them supports tighter restrictions, bans of certain firearms, and, truth be told, a full repeal of the Second Amendment if they could find a way to get it done.

“As one scrolls down through” the list of candidates recognized by The Washington Post as ‘frontrunners,’ notes Ammoland, “a solitary fact immediately jumps out: Every single one is venomously anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment.” 

Ammoland notes further:

Without exception, each caustically loathes private gun-ownership by U.S. citizens, and each hates, with a rabid mania, American gun owners, both for what we believe and for the individual freedom and liberty we so audaciously represent.

What will inevitably happen, entirely without fail, when any one of these Democrat/Socialists/Marxists takes the White House, and when Democrat/Socialists/Marxists end-up in control of Congress?

If past is prologue, then we know already: Gun bans, magazine bans, bullet taxes, higher fees, gun registration, training requirements, licensure requirements and, eventually, the repeal of the Second Amendment or, barring that, neutering it via the Supreme Court.

After all, once Democrats took over the House in January, what’s one of the first pieces of legislation they passed? Gun control. (Related: Is Boulder, Colorado’s new AR-15 “certification” law a precursor to full-blown gun registration?)

The 2nd Amendment is plain: NO government infringement

In fact, last week, House Democrats passed two gun control bills. The first one extends background checks even to private gun transactions and sales among friends, neighbors, and relatives. The second gives the FBI more time to conduct those background checks.

Imposing background checks on private sales is just a precursor to a future ‘common-sense gun law’ — full-scale firearms registration and, if enough Democrats take power, eventual licensure to own any weapons. 

The second bill, were it to pass, is just another way for the Left to delay — “infringe on” — an American citizen’s right to obtain a firearm, as he or she is permitted to do by the Second Amendment.

Critics of these new laws, as well as critics of federal gun laws in general, point to past incidents in which restrictive gun laws, including background checks and registration of firearms, didn’t work to prevent crimes. They didn’t work because the data that could have prevented guns sales to shooters was not entered into systems used by authorities to prevent such sales.

None of that matters to all current 2020 Democratic presidential contenders, however. Not only do they support the House’s additional firearms restrictions, but many of them would also ban certain classes of guns outright, though clearly, that’s not what the Constitution permits.

In fact, the language of the Second Amendment couldn’t be plainer: No government infringement when it comes to firearms. That includes “common sense” gun laws as well because there is no such thing.

As for Democrats and guns, why is it they never support loosening gun laws and restrictions as a means of helping Americans better protect themselves from criminal elements? When was the last time you heard a Democrat campaign on enhancing constitutional or concealed carry? Or open carry of guns, for that matter? In modern times, never.

Leftist Democrats hate the Second Amendment because it keeps them from exerting total control over the people, just like a British king used to do. Don’t ever let them convince you otherwise.

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