FreedomCoin is a new cryptocurrency that actually has an important purpose: Buying and selling legal firearms, the largest online retailer for outdoor sports, hunting, firearms and related products, has just announced the debut of their own cryptocurrency: FreedomCoin. The launch of this regulatory-compliant digital currency promises users a secure way to make digital payments with ease. As companies like PayPal and Apple ban the selling or purchasing of arms, businesses are increasingly looking for alternative payment methods.

A new company, BitRail, has emerged, joining forces with to process payments made with FreedomCoins. There is nothing better than a free market solution to a corrupt industry problem, is there? While leftist-run tech companies are busy running around trying to quash free speech and stamp out the Second Amendment, supporters of the Constitution are now standing in solidarity against the system.

The cryptocurrency that takes a stand

The primary goal of the Second Amendment is to protect the United States and its people against tyranny — and now, FreedomCoin is poised to do the same. Recently, there has been an alarming push for credit card companies to ban users from purchasing or selling guns, with some really special snowflakes even calling for credit companies to monitor users who do purchase arms.

In late 2018, the New York Times published a hit piece in which financial reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin posited that because mass shooters sometimes use credit cards to buy guns, credit companies should be doing more to block such purchases. Sorkin even suggests that credit companies should track gun purchases so “suspicious patterns” can be reported.

Supporters of the Second Amendment and freedom in general are now banding together to create a space where people can buy and sell guns hassle-free.

The liberal left has made it clear that they are intent on trying to subvert the American people’s rights whenever possible, especially regarding the Second Amendment. While leftist factions within the tech industry are bent on imposing their will upon the many, it is exciting to see some companies are taking a stand by creating their own payment services. Nothing embodies the American spirit more than refusing to back down in the face of tyranny.

What is FreedomCoin?

FreedomCoin is described as a “stable, legally compliant” cryptocurrency.

Jay Zwitter, Director of Sales, said, “Unlike the cryptocurrencies you hear about in the news such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, FreedomCoin is a stable coin pegged to the dollar. FreedomCoins will not lose value after you purchase them.”

As sources explain, has teamed up with BitRail to make this all work. Digital wallets powered by BitRail will enable users to convert dollars to FreedomCoins and back again through a simple app.

BitRail is a “blockchain-backed infrastructure that enables organizations to operate regulatory compliant cryptocurrencies for payments.”

“The platform provides the same buyer protections as credit cards but includes an additional layer of security through blockchain verification, two-factor authentication, and price volatility management,” MSS Blog reports.

Stephen Gutowski, of Free Beacon, spoke with Camercon Chell, a co-Founder of BitRail:

As Chell explains, BitRail will provide users the ability to access and use their funds for whatever purchases they choose to make, even when credit card companies or other services may fail them.

While other cryptocurrencies have had issues in the past, and BitRail seem confident that their services will prove themselves superior to their predecessors. With the radical left’s call to crack down on guns (and their owners) growing increasingly aggressive and more tyrannical every day, the launch of the FreedomCoin can’t come fast enough.

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